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Our experience has shown that for Consumers to reach the final phase of independence, they must be able to
transfer knowledge and other experiences into real-life applications.

Consumers need empowerment, emotional reinforcement, and self-confidence. The traits needed for
self-determination are taught through our Community Living Support (CLS) services. Without these services, Consumers are less likely to succeed in their quest for independence.

CLS services lessen the Consumer’s fears, and make the transition to independence less stressful. We assist
Consumers in making a healthy adjustment to self sufficiency, and provide supportive transitional life coaching.

When a Consumer is referred to IS-Care, our staff utilizes the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment tool to
benchmark their capabilities. The assessment results, the Consumer’s personal goals, and the Person Centered
Plan are the basis for the Learning Plan.

The Learning Plan includes goals, expectations, the delineation of responsibility, and an anticipated date of
completion. Learning Plans can be changed as needed, and serve as the documentation for CLS services.

IS-Care supports and trains Consumers Monday through Saturday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Support Specialists are available after hours on an emergency basis.

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