What is Skill Building?
A program to develop the skills needed to live successfully in the least restrictive environment.

Who can be referred?
IS-Care is open to all CareLink Consumers. Referrals are initiated at the Consumer’s request, or by families, providers, and CMH (Community Mental Health Agencies). Referrals are made through Neighborhood Service Organization Placement Unit, 313-961-7990.

What is the length of stay?
Stays range from six to eighteen months.

Can I continue services with my present psychiatric case manager?
Yes, you may continue services with your assigned CMH. Your case manager will continue to provide services in our facilities.

What type of skills will I learn while in this facility?
Some of the skills you will learn are: shopping, money management, nutrition, laundry, goal setting, meal planning and preparation, medication education, and social skills.

Will I receive assistance in moving from adult foster care to independent living?

Yes, Community Living Support services and peer supports are available to assist Consumers with the transition to independence.

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