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IS-Care is a structured, supportive, and therapeutic co-ed facility for the development of independent life skills.

Our Corporate Offices and Adult Services facility is located in southwest Detroit, housing fifteen Consumers in
single-occupant rooms. Our Youth Aging Out facility is in midtown, housing ten Consumers in four double and two single occupancy rooms.

IS-Care is a welcoming, understanding, and supportive environment, offering services focused on the emotional and behavioral needs of Consumers based on their Person Centered Plan (PCP).

Supervised by a Social Worker, our direct care staff records daily assessments, monitors proficiency, and evaluates each Consumer’s progressing skill level.

Staff is available around the clock. Consumers are taught cooking, shopping, and cleaning skills, and engage in the practical application of home activities in one-on-one and group sessions. All Consumers receive medication education.

Assessments and training is based on the Ansell Casey Life Skills Assessment Tool, recognized nationally as a
best-practice model for independent life skills development.

Consumers completing our program have awareness, knowledge and understanding to lIve independently and feel better about themselves.

Referrals to the IS-Care program are through Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO).

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